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Ascending Angel

A human angel (Sara Walker) is created as a gift for the archangels upon their request in helping defeat Lucifer while convincing the above to not end all. Sara is just learning of her special talents while not knowing exactly what her purpose is while the archangels are unsure of what she is capable of. Because she is so young, she makes mistakes with her abilities sometimes not being controlled. Her protector, brother, and best friend, Seth, is also finding out there is more to him than what he realized, which may not be in Sara's best interest.

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Ascending Angel: Miraculous is the second novel in The Ascending Angel series. It continues the story of Sara Walker, a human angel created to help the archangels' ongoing battle with evil. Sara's angel abilities are growing stronger, stronger than the archangels had anticipated. How strong she really is or what she is fully capable of is not yet revealed. The true identity of her protector, Seth, is revealed and will shock readers on where his role is heading. Each angel character is described in more detail on how they became what they are and why. Miraculous answers questions that were left open from Ascending Angel but also ties characters together in both good and bad ways. Sara makes darker sinful mistakes that she must learn from while also learning to be a true angel and show compassion as an angel would without letting her human emotion get the best of her, which is a constant struggle. New characters are introduced, and it is also explained how each fit into another character's past or future. Lucifer's right-hand man, Nathan, who's after Sara, finally faces her at the end. What happens when the two meet will also be a surprise as more identity is revealed and these two rivals meet for the first time.


Unbeknownst to Sara Walker, her past life as Nathan’s murdered wife has been revealed, causing chaos and confusion between angels and demons. Although she isn’t aware of her hidden identity, suspicions grow as Nathan is now friendly towards her. Sara’s abilities are continuing to strengthen as she grows stronger and wiser. Her first battles with a fallen archangel and Lucifer have both come to shocking conclusions. Meanwhile Seth is finally free from Satan’s mark as secrets about Adams are revealed. Nathan is trying to find his place between right and wrong while at the same time keep Lucifer happy. He won’t hurt Sara but going back to being good isn’t an option. Sara also struggles with her identity as she tries to please everyone especially the archangels, follow her destiny, grow her relationship with Seth and be herself. She begins to feel as if God made a mistake with her. In this continuing fantasy tale, Sara Walker faces nonstop challenges that propel her down a new path toward the unknown.